Hey! I've got a tale to tell about a cat named Mack. He took a trip to Hell, and then he brought some back. He bought into the guilt they fed him for having fun, and they broke him down with accusations one by one. He took 12 shaky steps toward insanity, and then he had to take them back. Had to rebuild those bridges that he burned. Had to rescue his ashes from the urn. Needed to be triumphant in his return, and now the Mac is back to show you how it's done, and he's on the attack, and he's out for some fun. A little fire in his eyes, if you know what I mean? He's gonna raise some... Well... You know what we talkin' about. Can we burn another bridge?


from The New Manifesto, released August 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Die Witzelsuchts

Die Witzelsuchts is a Cyprus based band incorporating the best of their multi-genre influences including rock, funk, jazz, and punk into their very own brand of Alternative music. The aim to engage the listener with thought provoking subjects, honest music, and Good-time performances. Blending individual skills and influences with their personalities and humor to create a succulent treat, indeed. ... more

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