We're not here to entertain you. We're not here to feed the sheep. We're here to engage you and get you to think a little bit 'bout what it is they feed you, man, and how they shove it down your throat. That's right, baby. They shove it down your throat, and you just sit there with your mouth open wide. Get up off your knees. Get up on your feet. Jump around and show them what you need.


from The New Manifesto, released August 14, 2014



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Die Witzelsuchts

Die Witzelsuchts is a Cyprus based band incorporating the best of their multi-genre influences including rock, funk, jazz, and punk into their very own brand of Alternative music. The aim to engage the listener with thought provoking subjects, honest music, and Good-time performances. Blending individual skills and influences with their personalities and humor to create a succulent treat, indeed. ... more

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