Ha! Teach the controversy? Perpetuate the lie! I’m searching for truth, not faithfully blind. Oh, have all the answers? No, not either side. Best not to know than be taken for a ride. Come on. Don’t rationalize. Stay strong... free your shackled mind. Free your mind and you’ll find that your ass will follow. Free your mind and you’ll find that your ass will follow! Go on. Open your eyes. It'll be alright. Yeah! Come on! Our future’s now, and the past is gone. With Logic and reason, things will be just fine.


from The New Manifesto, released August 14, 2014



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Die Witzelsuchts

Die Witzelsuchts is a Cyprus based band incorporating the best of their multi-genre influences including rock, funk, jazz, and punk into their very own brand of Alternative music. The aim to engage the listener with thought provoking subjects, honest music, and Good-time performances. Blending individual skills and influences with their personalities and humor to create a succulent treat, indeed. ... more

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