The New Manifesto

by Die Witzelsuchts

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We had an amazing opportunity to record, mix, and master this album at a ludicrously low cost! So, we thought it was only fair to pass those savings on to the people that might enjoy what it is we do rather than simply increase the 'profit' margine. Just in case you were asking yourself why / how we are selling it so cheap. Now, onto the fun stuff...

There's no digital fixing (quantizing, pitch correcting, chopping & moving of parts, etc.) on this album, although there was some pitch shifting on the voices in 'Bridges' and 'Trust', on the speeches, and some audio reversing here and there (pretty obvious, we think). The performances you hear are as they were performed by the players on the actual instruments when recorded. The vibra-slap, violins, and trumpets are the exceptions. We didn't have a vibra-slap so we used a virtual one; played in via keyboard. The violin and trumpet parts were composed and rendered by Bill Graves. Okay, some voices on 'Bridges'were moved there, deal with it. All other utterings are where they were when recorded. Oh, the noises at the end of 'Bridges', thunderstorm in 'Silent Answers' (recorded by us), and all speeches were 'placed' rather than played. That should cover all 'full disclosure' issues.

You can grab a high quality (printable if you want to burn your own CD or something) digital copy of the artwork and ALL of the liner notes that are included in any physical product on our website ( or through our Facebook page.


released August 14, 2014

Anthos Eliades played electric guitar, classical guitar, and did some singing & hollering.
Bill Graves played bass, classical guitar, percussion, harmonica, and did some singing & hollering.
Jennifer Ioannidou did all of lead and a whole lot of the back-up singing & hollering.
Michal Kasprowicz played drums, percussion, and did some hollering. Cally Xenophontos is guest hollerer on 'Bridges'.

Cover art by L. E. Graves. All songs written by Bill Graves. Produced by Bill Graves & "Bobby Z" Xenophontos. Recorded at SNS Studion - East (Nicosia, Cyprus) by Bill Graves and Zen Production Studios (Nicosia, Cyprus) by Bill Graves and "Bobby Z" Xenophontos. Mixed and mastered at Zen Production Studios (Nicosia, Cyprus) by Bill Graves and "Bobby Z" Xenophontos.



all rights reserved


Die Witzelsuchts

Die Witzelsuchts is a Cyprus based band incorporating the best of their multi-genre influences including rock, funk, jazz, and punk into their very own brand of Alternative music. The aim to engage the listener with thought provoking subjects, honest music, and Good-time performances. Blending individual skills and influences with their personalities and humor to create a succulent treat, indeed. ... more

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Track Name: Engage
We're not here to entertain you. We're not here to feed the sheep. We're here to engage you and get you to think a little bit 'bout what it is they feed you, man, and how they shove it down your throat. That's right, baby. They shove it down your throat, and you just sit there with your mouth open wide. Get up off your knees. Get up on your feet. Jump around and show them what you need.
Track Name: The Thirst
There's a thirst building inside. Gotta thirst building inside too? This thirst, it's growin', getting worse all the time. This thirst needs quenchin' to keep us alive! Let's take a drink of something fresh & clean. Don't wanna choke on the same old, same old stale things. Free your mind. Give something new a try; a freedom for tomorrow, and your ass will, will follow, will follow. Your ass will flow.
Track Name: Take A Ride With Christine
She said, "Come on little baby. Do ya wanna take a ride with me?" I said, "Well that depends. I'll bet no one rides for free." "You gotta pay a price when you take a ride with Christine. Not ass, grass, or cash." Oh no, that's not her fee. It's your screams that are gonna give her ecstasy. Decapitated angels fly above you. A warm red shower is dripping from their wings; a crimson bath to wash away your screams. It's the pain that makes you whole. Hope is lost in the eyes of this angel. I said, "Come on. Let's put this thing in gear." She said, "Hold on first wrap me up in your fear." She has a smile so bright even God needs to shield his eyes. Face of an angel, this demon in disguise. Go on and take the ride.
Track Name: Ignorant Pride
Why'd you have to go and show me your ugly side? I liked it better when I was blinded by your brilliant lies, but now I see it can't be denied how you hand out all of your ignorance with Pride; your ignorant Pride. Now, that you've shown me your stupid side... makes me sad to think that we're both alive. Damn your ignorant Pride! Now, I know that you will always be thick as a stack of bricks and quick as a tree. The soul's a child we all abuse. Looks like you got your licks in too. Damn all your lies, DAMN, YOU'RE IGNORANT!
Track Name: Olde Tymes
The lights would split, we'd do a hundred lines; the Novocaine Of our prime. Oh, our prime time. With how it flows, the blood it knows that these Olde Tymes are still getting by, and they're not alone. Some nights I feel like the Tymes of olde, but then I know I have to let them go. These Olde Tymes; wishing they were young again, but they're just fine... just fine.
Track Name: Dedication (to Jaime & the other Chemical Vatos)
There's a guy who's efforts inspire me, with fingers flying. He's always this way. He's always this way. A man made chemically. He's always this way. He's always this way. A Vato, so they say, and he hates you, baby. That's what I call dedication.
Track Name: Corked Days
I was thinking about the times we'd share a bottle of wine or two and talk about our plans to rule the world or at least this little town for the night. Sometimes we keep on revolving. Some things are never resolved. There's no need to spend your time reflecting when there's no problem to solve. Now the wine has gone, and it's been so long. Now, these are the days that I live for. Oh, I have more than we dreamed of... more than we could have dreamed of. We had our time and shared our wine, but now those times have gone, and we've moved on. We have moved on.
Track Name: Bridges
Hey! I've got a tale to tell about a cat named Mack. He took a trip to Hell, and then he brought some back. He bought into the guilt they fed him for having fun, and they broke him down with accusations one by one. He took 12 shaky steps toward insanity, and then he had to take them back. Had to rebuild those bridges that he burned. Had to rescue his ashes from the urn. Needed to be triumphant in his return, and now the Mac is back to show you how it's done, and he's on the attack, and he's out for some fun. A little fire in his eyes, if you know what I mean? He's gonna raise some... Well... You know what we talkin' about. Can we burn another bridge?
Track Name: Come Down
Last night I heard you praying for me. You've no regrets for what you've done. You're a righteous one; heart like a frozen sun. You've got the only son. You try to turn me around with your every sound. You cant hold me down. Not even with your thorny crown. No need to worry. No need to try. No need to pray. No need to cry. I've picked the path I'll take. I know your rules that break. You know I'm already saved. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down (come down). Calm down (come down). Calm down (come down). Calm down. (come down) Off your cross.
Track Name: TO TAMEIO
You must be killing me, because you sure don't give me strength. Why must it be this way? Why can't you live in today? You throw around the word respect, yet in your actions it can't be seen. You say you want understanding, but you give none in return. Your words are like a disease; a contagious malignancy. You spread your hate so you can hide your fear. No revelations in your conspiracies, just accusations and animosity. All that bravado was just a disguise designed to hide the child inside. Hard words backed by flaccid actions. You sit in judgement, and yet you act the same. You don't stand for what you claim. I said, "You must be killing me. You must be killing me, because you sure don't give me strength."
Track Name: George?
Pushin' junk in your veins like you ain't got no brains, and all I've got to say is, "Baby, who taught you to die?" Who taught you to die? Such a waste. Saw 'em cruisin' down my street with you jumpin' in the back seat and then in the blink of an eye... Tell me, baby, who taught you to die? Who taught you to die? Oh, I gotta know. Who taught you to die? Who taught you to die? Who taught you to die? Who taught you to die? Who taught you how to die?
Track Name: Trust
There's a Devil inside of me that's always been. Tried to keep him locked away to hide my sin, but he opened the door so I can see what he's got in store, and now I've set him free. Just hold my hand as he takes you down and holds you close. He'll twist your soul. Don't make a sound. I'll never let you go. I need to see my angels fall. Don't shed a tear for this fallen man. I have no fear for this soul they've damned, and if you dare, just take my hand. This is the way it has to be.
Track Name: SR57-b
He hears a hum from the radio. The hole in his skull gets filled with some beautifully horrid things. No, Mama, you could never understand; a goat, a rope, a tennis ball, Red M&Ms, and a petrol can. You don't understand. A scent fills the room; such a sweet perfume. Enough to set you off. He hears a hum. He wants to become your sadness.
Track Name: Marked
No one said this would be easy. In fact, it's quite the opposite. You have to be true to yourself. You need to figure out which of the rules to break, which ones oppress you or stifle your expression. It's not a licence to be ignorant and selfish. You need to balance it out with consideration for others. No one said this would be easy. Befriending your enemy's enemies could come back to haunt you in the end. No one said this would be easy. It seems simple to follow the emotional reaction, but it's often just revenge. No one said this would be easy. No one said you could walk through life blinded to what is going on around you. No one said that it was all about what you wanted to do. Sometimes it's about taking care of the things that you know are right and important. What is it that's important to you? No one said this would be easy. No one said this would be easy. This odyssey's full of challenges at every turn. The goal's to face them with honour.
Track Name: Pursuer
Ha! Teach the controversy? Perpetuate the lie! I’m searching for truth, not faithfully blind. Oh, have all the answers? No, not either side. Best not to know than be taken for a ride. Come on. Don’t rationalize. Stay strong... free your shackled mind. Free your mind and you’ll find that your ass will follow. Free your mind and you’ll find that your ass will follow! Go on. Open your eyes. It'll be alright. Yeah! Come on! Our future’s now, and the past is gone. With Logic and reason, things will be just fine.
Track Name: The Shaft
Hold on. Hold on. They're gonna tell you they'll sit you on the sky, give you paper wings, and smiles that get you high. Hold on. Hold on. They'll want you, love you, make you feel alive. In this place there's no such thing as time. Hold on. Hold on. It's hard to survive when you leave your soul behind; (Hold on) reaching for that high, (Hold on) that High. One day you’re gonna open up your eyes. Then you'll see all of the horrors of this ride. Hold on. Hold on.
Track Name: The Flight
In the mornin' when the sun hits your face, it takes me back to the night that we met. We talked the night away, as you saved my life, and at the break of day we had to go separate ways, but you came back in my life and stole my heart away. Then giving me everything I need to face the world that had turned its back on me for what I had done in my time. So we dance the night away, letting time pass us by, and now I've got to say you make me whole, you make me want a million days just so I can gaze upon your face and hold your hand in mine. Time keeps passing by, and it doesn't mean a thing.
Track Name: Perspective #11
Though I can't stand you now, I'm in love with the memory of what you used to be. You never had the time to give to me. Always made me feel so all alone; just like I didn't have a home, and when I think about you now, you were just dressed up for the show; to cover up your lack of soul. Though I can't stand you now, I'm in love with the memory of what you used to be; all passion and fire but now that's gone. All your passion and your fire's gone. All your passion and your fire's gone, and now I can see things as they really were, and now I have looked back across the universe to see things, yes how things, how they really were, and now I know it was just a fantasy. You're just a memory, and now I set you free to be lost in history. It's like you've never been.
Track Name: Skippin' Stones
Well, all our seeds are planted after the soil's tilled so our crops can grow. We're reaping harvests from the fallow fields where our seeds were sewn. We won't atone for what they don't condone, oh no. Now, who will be the first to skip a stone? Feeding all the hearts and minds, extending friendly lines, watching barriers fall. Now, the seeds will scatter, and we will watch them grow.
Track Name: Silent Answers
Why don't you say what you mean? Are you afraid I'd cause a scene? Yes, I'd do that to you if no other choice appears to me. You never say what you mean. Like when you ask what's wrong with me. You just want me to be the way that you want me to be, but I really need you to know the answers to the questions you pose to me, but you don't mean what you say, and you'll just ask me anyway. So I will, so I'll answer silently.